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Paul Leon Frequenez painting
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I have always been in the art and antiques business, ever since I was a child I can remember all piling into a van to travel down to the North of France to buy the most beautiful of things, restore them to their former glory, and be able to bring some of that French magic into people's homes.


My passion is to increase access to European art and culture for homes all across the world. As a trained and trading artist myself, I know how special and personal a piece can be.


Paintings have the ability to transport you - whether that is to a sunny day on the Cote d’Azur, a weekend away in Paris or the fields of Brittany; to experience something else, something different, something beautiful.


As Chairman of the Lillie Road Art and Antiques Quarter, one of the oldest and most renowned antiques quarters in London, I see the impact that collaboration can have across the art and antiques industry, so I often lend my services - I've built websites, photographed stock, and built digital marketing strategies across the board.

Julian Green

Julian Green Photography

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